Thursday, May 23, 2024

Recalled from Action: Mission Impossible

Instead of finishing my session reports for the Beneath the Missing Sea campaign, here's the hottest new trend from Sahh on the OSR Discord, ReCalled from Action: take a scene from a comic or movie and write it up as if you were handling this fictional series of events in-game. This aims to demonstrate to others how to handle situations as a ref and also to show off various games we like.

I've chosen to do a short but memorable fight from Mission Impossible: Fallout, instead of the example provided from Berserk, and I'll be handling the scene with something a lot like Ms. Screwhead's Pyrhhic Weaselry (a game I've shown before). The specifics of Pyrhhic Weaselry (hereafter "PW") are beyond the scope of this post, including themes (something like experience), motifs (cherished items that involve background and give a bonus as a skill), and even Paths (its very cool version of classes). For the sake of this demonstration, I'll be relying on the concession and injury system as written and avoiding the actual rolls and numbers (generally 2d6+bonus vs 10) beyond noting that Lark is a much better martial artist than the other two so I'm giving him two actions per round rather than the usual one. I could eschew this by giving him the Path of the Warrior and developing combat styles for him, each of which would allow him to declare two actions as one intention, but it already took two hours just to get these images formatted on Blogger, so screw that. 

I've gone ahead and bolded their intentions for each round but it should usually be clear.

Not a lot of shots with all three actors clearly visibly fighting, but this one was pretty cool.

Monday, May 6, 2024

Example of Play: Tomb of the Serpent King using Pyrrhic Weaselry

Quite a mouthful.

I've been playing through Skerple's module Tomb of the Serpent Kings on Sunday nights via live text chat, meaning that we have a set game time and duration but don't use cameras or mics. It's a fun way to play and very different from the traditional methods. Weird Writer has written recently about it here.

 During the third session, the two PCs Skinny Samir and Saturnus, descended some trapped steps before coming across a living statue which they managed to defeat with their wits and daring. Though it goes on for a while, I thought the segment was really fun and illustrative of the game we were playing and how simple games with simple rules for adjudication can create complex situations and outcomes. And Jacey did a great job handling our hijinks.

We're using a game called Pyrrhic Weaselry which is by the blogger Ms. Screwhead of Was It Likely? It's incredibly interesting and probably very unlike anything you've played. I highly recommend looking into it, even if we have made a small house rule about focus gain. But the specifics aren't important to understand this example, just know that when someone states a hostile intent, the GM determines the level of danger, and then the target can either roll to avoid the stated intent or present a compromise dependent on the fictional positioning. Actions in general don't require rolling but avoiding danger can involve rolling if the most obvious result (decided by the GM) is undesireable.

I've lightly edited the text from the original but this is 99% the same. People are bolded and stated actions are italicized. It looks like a very long post but it's mostly short sentences so it reads quickly.

Stone Golem by joeshawcross

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Beneath the Missing Sea Episode 16


Dragons in Dungeons

Episode 16, getting what they needed from inside the Leviathan and escaping.

Played March 22, 2024

Monday, March 11, 2024

Monday, March 4, 2024

Beneath the Missing Sea Episode 14


Into the Depths

Episode 14, laying explosives, climbing stairs, and falling into traps.

Played March 1, 2024

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Beneath the Missing Sea Episode 12


Suspiciously Knowledgable About A Murder

Episode 12, debriefing with Dalbran after the tower and journeying back to Our Virtuous Lady.

Played January 5, 2024